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Academic Research Teams use BoardEx extensively for projects on topics such as board diversity, human behavior, executive performance, corporate capabilities, and group dynamics. Utilizing our highly accurate global leadership database of more than 1.1 million executive profiles and 1.7 million companies, research teams can complement their studies and research with BoardEx. The results of scores of projects using BoardEx data are published in journals and articles and referenced throughout the academic community.

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Our Research & Data.

BoardEx has built out a research team of more than 300 researchers who collect and verify biographical and relationship data on the boards of notable public and private global companies using publicly available information. Recognized as the gold standard for biographical data on the world’s most important business leaders, research teams can be assured their analysis will not be compromised by inaccurate or out of date information.

Types of Datasets
  • Profiles – People profiles with biographical information of the directors, senior management and disclosed earners are available. These profiles include current and historic employment, other activities, education, and achievements. Company profiles include listed public and notable private organizations with detailed information.
  • Networks – View connections between individuals through overlaps in their organizations. Also view connections between two or more organizations through common individuals.
  • Board Summaries – View an overview of the board, including the composition and statistics, compensation, committees, ratios and totals.
  • Company Details – Get all of the detailed information you need to know for each organization, including company information, capitalization, revenue and the auditors and bankers.
  • Region-specific – Receive the dataset based on the region that matters most to your research, choosing from North America, United Kingdom, Europe or the Rest of the World.

Select Academic Research Papers Using BoardEx Data:

  • "Executive Incentives and Payout Policy: Empirical Evidence from Europe"
  • "Buying Products and Services from Whom You Know"
  • "Say on pay laws, executive compensation, CEO pay slice, and firm value around the world"
  • "CEO network centrality and merger performance"

Why BoardEx?

Use BoardEx to Access Research Question Paper Reference
Educational background, prior employment, and connections of directors and executives Is M&A performance related to the size of CEO personal connections and network? CEO Network Centrality and Merger Performance, El-Khatib, Fogel and Jandik (2015) JFE
Proportion of politically connected directors, using CEO-level controls such as age, gender, and experience Do politically connected firms have higher leverage? Political capital and moral hazard, Kostovetsky (2015) JFE
Executive Stock Option Holdings Are more executive stock options related to lower dividend payment? Executive Incentives and Payout Policy: Empirical Evidence from Europe, De Cesari and Ozkan (2015) JBF

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