Relationship Mapping

The premier provider of relationship mapping since 1999, BoardEx uncovers connections between you and the individuals or organizations you need to reach, to help you leverage your known and unknown connections more effectively. There are more than 50 billion individual connections in BoardEx to explore.

BoardEx maps your connections to more than 1.2 million board of directors, c-suite executives and other influential global business leaders of more than 1.7 million public, private and not-for-profit organizations.

First-degree connections are direct links between individuals and organizations

Sometimes it’s not about who you know, it’s who they know.Second-degree connections are revealed through M&A deal relationships, current or historic overlapping careers, contacts and board overlaps.

Strengthen your organization’s reach and reveal unknown connections by securely adding your personal contacts to BoardEx. Your secure network allows only your organization to view your connections.

M&A transactions reveal connections between corporations and their advisers. Turn years of individual dealmaking connections into actionable institutional relationships.

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For nearly two decades, data scientists have worked to refine the proprietary algorithms that power BoardEx. Data is weighted by importance of relationship strength so the connections that are surfaced are actionable.

BoardEx builds and tracks your company’s network of current employees, alumni and their connections, highlighting the strongest connections first.

BoardEx allows client customization and provides unique relationship analytics to further define connections and powerful internal networks.


On average, there are 27,000 updates to company or individual profiles per week. BoardEx tracks, on a daily basis, when an employee leaves an organization, joins an organization or changes roles within the same organization.

BoardEx users can build custom target, client or competitor lists to keep track of changes via weekly or daily alerts straight to their inbox. Other custom alerts can be set up to include companies, individuals, industries, role types, experience, gender, industry affiliation and more.

In addition to alerts, users can add custom flags to individual and company profiles in BoardEx for a more bespoke analysis.

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Private Equity Network

BoardEx features thousands of the largest Private Equity firms across 53 countries, including more than 19,000 portfolio companies and 130,000 leadership roles.

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M&A Transaction Network

BoardEx data includes the corporate transaction details of 70,000+ deals to fuel business development.

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