• Financial Services

Financial Services Companies are rapidly adopting BoardEx to improve performance. When linked to CRM and other contact management capabilities, BoardEx’s unique relationship analytics bring your entire organization’s relationship capital to bear on an objective. BoardEx has worked with over 200 clients to turn individual relationships into an institutional network. Of course, aggregating the entire relationship capital of even a modest-sized financial services company can easily produce overwhelming amounts of information rather than targeted, “actionable results”. To deliver these actionable results, BoardEx has invested in 12 years of product development creating tools enabling you to both identify and contextualize the optimal strategy. Instead of being shown all the connections and you then deciding which is the best, BoardEx displays your Top 5 on one page. At the heart of this analysis is a sophisticated, yet practical, evaluation of every possible relationship path associated with a particular target or series of targets.

Leading investment banks, private wealth organizations and asset management firms worldwide use the BoardEx global leadership database and proprietary analysis for client development activities. Unlike individual networking applications (either social or business focused), BoardEx services are integrated and deployed only at an enterprise level, allowing a company-wide view of your relationship capital. BoardEx data and analysis is integrated directly with internal client databases, providing support for high level strategy and business development efforts. The BoardEx infrastructure complies with rigorous data, software and privacy standards so that highly regulated institutions can manage their client data safely and securely. BoardEx is a natural extension of a firm’s CRM system, enhancing the data quality by having BoardEx data automatically updating (on a daily basis) all management changes, as well as providing a far more comprehensive view of your relationship capital – your CRM tells you who you know (with the data now being accurate, detailed and updated by BoardEx) but critically BoardEx then tells you who they know and which are the most actionable connections to leverage.

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