• Human Resources

Executive Search Firms and Human Resources teams at corporations worldwide use BoardEx for candidate identification and executive development. BoardEx services include biographical and relationship information on the world’s top business leaders. Combining BoardEx information with internal data and relationship knowledge through the BoardEx RCM platform provides a comprehensive view of experience, capabilities and relevant relationships.

High level placement and recruiting increasingly involves understanding the relationship capital of a prospective executive or board member. Market connectivity, both directly and indirectly is often an important distinguishing characteristic among otherwise equally qualified candidates. While prospective hires can usually identify direct contacts, they rarely know the indirect relationship value of their best connections. Using a candidate’s key contact list, BoardEx can expand the view of that list to include the other business leaders known to those contacts.

Relationship development among emerging corporate leaders is of growing importance to companies as they seek to link their executives with critical people within their economic sphere. Many times these development efforts are connected to not-for-profit activities where executives combine corporate donations and board memberships to form relationships with people who are influential in areas of mutual commercial interest. BoardEx data and analysis are uniquely positioned to support these efforts.