• Not-For-Profit

Not-For-Profit organizations using RCM strategies and applications can achieve far greater levels of donor success than those relying solely on internal contact management databases. Relationship Capital Management analysis allows you to bring a much wider pool of donors and contacts to bear on your fundraising objectives. Consider how often key indirect points of contact and influencers turn out to be from outside your core affinity group of supporters and targets. Using BoardEx allows you to identify and engage these seemingly unaffiliated people and organizations in your efforts and secure new and higher levels of donor support.

Leading universities, charitable organizations and trusts use the BoardEx global leadership database and proprietary analysis for development activities. BoardEx services include biographical and relationship information on the world’s top business leaders. Collectively these individuals have identifiable and measurable connections through over 150 million current and historical organizational overlaps. Client alumni teams often use BoardEx to track prominent alumni to improve ongoing contact and develop related donor leads. Combining BoardEx information with your own relationship knowledge allows you to find previously unknown contact opportunities and more productive avenues to pursue your financial and development goals.

Academic Research Teams use BoardEx extensively for human behavior and performance projects. As the gold standard for biographical data on the world’s most important business leaders, research teams can be assured their analysis will not be compromised by inaccurate or out of date information. Projects ranging from behavioral science, executive performance, corporate capabilities and group dynamics are underway at leading universities around the world, all using BoardEx data and analytics. The results of these projects are published in journals and articles and referenced throughout the academic community.