Private Equity

Private Equity firms use BoardEx to source new deals, recruit talent with prior portfolio company experience, raise funds and ensure socially responsible investment.
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Accelerate deal decisions by connecting to more than 1.4 million global executives who lead 1.9 million public, private, and non-profit organizations - this includes 1.5 million private organizations.

Unlock the Power of Your Network

BoardEx is an advanced enterprise solution built to connect you with an exclusive network of global business leaders and decision makers.

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Executive Data

All BoardEx data is collected from credible, published sources and cannot be edited by users. Our team of 350+ skilled analysts research, verify, and maintain millions of profiles.

Approximately 33% of the individuals are currently serving on boards of companies and 38% are either board members or part of the C-suite. Data details include current and historic roles (with start and end dates) for board positions, employment, and education. Every week, on average, BoardEx adds 2,500 profiles and updates 27,000 others.

Executive Talent Identification and Tracking

  • Quickly identify and create candidate shortlists based on an individuals sector experience along with current and prior role responsibilities.
  • Receive alerts tracking executive movement across and within various sectors, industries, indices, and more
  • Map relationship paths to potential candidates and their network.

Business Development and Relationship Mapping

BoardEx uncovers connections between you and the individuals or organizations you need to reach to help you leverage your known and unknown connections more effectively.

There are more than 10 billion individual connections in BoardEx to explore. An advanced algorithm maps your connections to more than 1.4 million board of directors, C-suite executives, and other influential global business leaders of more than 1.9 million public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

The Private Equity Network

Reveal key, actionable connections between PE Firms and the executives of their portfolio companies. The PE Network also allows for advanced searching of individuals and their connections through current and historic portfolio company management.

Data Mapping, Cleansing and Integration

BoardEx offers a range of deployment and integration models, including secure hosting and “behind-the-firewall” solutions. Custom data feed solutions are available along with integrations with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

BoardEx In The News

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Mario Cibelli’s activist investment fund reached a deal with the budget cosmetics company that could reduce bonuses for executives at the same time that it gives investors an early advisory vote on executive compensation.

Elliott Eyes Crown Castle Board Shakeup

Paul Singer's activist fund wants the communications REIT to cut its investment in fiber, hike its dividend, shake up its board and adjust executive pay plans.

Executive Talent in Technology

Kate Chetwynd-Talbot who leads the Technology and Digital Practice at Executive Search firm Ridgeway Partners tells us what the coronavirus pandemic is going to mean for executive talent in technology and some of the trends starting to emerge.