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CEO moves in June 2020 - Highlights

  • Lockheed Martin. Marillyn Hewson, one of the most prominent Female CEOs in corporate America moves on. After 7 years in the role she is succeeded as CEO by Jim Taiclet Jr, formerly CEO of American Tower Corp. This follows several other high profile female CEOs recently retiring from their posts, such as IBM’s Ginni Rometty and Hertz’s Kathy Marinello. Marillyn remains at Lockheed Martin as the Executive Chair of the board.
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) hired their first female CEO. Carol Tomé, an independent member of the board of UPS since 2003, replaced David Abney who moves to the role of Executive Chair. Carol Tomé was previously the CFO of Home Depot.
  • Wirecard. Founder and CEO Markus Braun was removed from his post in June as the false accounting and market manipulation scandal was uncovered. He is succeeded by James Freis Jr, formerly Chief Compliance Officer at Deutsche Boerse, while Wirecard enters insolvency and administration proceedings.
  • Sainsbury’s. In a planned transition, Mike Coupe retired as CEO and was replaced by Simon Roberts, former Director of Retail and Operations in an internal promotion.
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