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CEO moves in August 2020 - Highlights

  • Overall August has been a bad month for female CEO appointments. Out of the 136 moves, only 6 (4%) new CEOs were women. The most prominent female CEO appointment was Anna-Carin Grandin joining Coor Service Management Holding AB, a Swedish facilities management company.
  • China Mobile. The world’s largest mobile telecoms company appointed Xin Dong to the CEO position in an internal promotion. Xin Dong was previously the company’s CFO.
  • Aston Martin Lagonda. The automotive company has been in a battle to turn its fortunes around, having posted falls in revenue and increasing losses. Andy Palmer, its previous CEO, resigned back in May and Tobias Moers has been appointed to the top role on August 1st. Moers was a Daimler / Mercedes company veteran, and it has been speculated that the appointment could mean closer ties between Aston Martin and Daimler. Daimler is a major shareholder of Aston Martin and the two companies have a technical partnership for the provision of engines, electrical architecture and entertainment systems.
  • HanesBrands. The US apparel marketer HanesBrands has appointed Steve Bratspies as its new CEO in an external appointment. Bratspies was formerly a Walmart executive and succeeds Gerald Evans Jr who retires from the board.
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