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Commvault Installs Starboard-Backed Directors

The data management, cloud and information protection company agreed to add three new directors to its board, including one with ties to Jeff Smith’s activist fund and another that has a connection with Elliott.

Gaming Industry - A Look at Their Leadership

As the US starts re-opening the country, we at BoardEx took a look at the gaming industry, a sector with high exposure to the coronavirus outbreak (and likely its aftermath).

Portfolio Management for Relationship Assets

In his last article Applying Asset Concepts to Relationships, Dominick Sutton examined the concept of managing relationships as assets. This time he focuses specifically on the management of groups (or portfolios) of these assets.  Again, the discussion is solely concerned with relationships that are systemically important for the firm. These are typically found at senior levels of the firm and can be critical for business success and even survival.

Applying Asset Concepts to Relationships

This article covers several key areas related to managing assets and briefly examines how they can be applied to relationships. Importantly, this review is focussing solely on the relationships that are systemically important to a firm and not the general cloud of relationships associated with every level of a firm.

Royal Mail CEO Abruptly Quits

The surprise departure of Rico Back comes after Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky began building a stake in the 500-year-old company in early May.