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Private Equity's Better Half

By Alexandra Garfinkle

Contrary to what you may have heard, we’ve come to understand that women are breaking through the glass ceiling in private equity. But the progress is slow and there are great strides yet to be made.

Better Half Private Equity’s 14 // The Deal As you’ve seen so far in this diversityfocused quarterly issue, the data paints a disheartening picture: women are an underrepresented asset in private equity firms, especially in partnership positions and senior investment roles. And while retail and consumer-focused firms are doing well to improve the gap, in industries where management teams continue to be male dominated, such as energy and manufacturing, so too do private equity leadership teams.

What we have been told time and time again during our reporting on this issue, however, is that one of the greatest barriers to entry in the industry continues to be a lack of visibility. In other words, what may help many young women feel there is a place in private equity for them with real promise for success is seeing individuals like them who have already blazed the trail to the top of the food chain. We wanted to do our part in adding some visibility here.

As such, we’ve put together a group of women who are North America-focused, investmentoriented professionals in the private equity industry. The names of these individuals were submitted to The Deal as nominations by our readers, who consist of the top financial and legal M&A advisers, as well as private equity professionals, corporate dealmakers and public relations firms.

Our list is presented in alphabetical order and includes women – either in the early innings of a promising career or having emerged into battletested positions of power – who we think you would benefit from having in your Rolodex.

Read the full article here which includes profiles on private equity’s leading women.