What is Relationship Capital?

Relationship Capital is the sum of an organization’s connectivity to the marketplace, both directly and indirectly. The process by which you identify, evaluate, and employ your relationship capital is referred to as Relationship Capital Management (RCM). Advanced RCM tools provided by BoardEx go well beyond a contact management view of relationship capital and provide transparency into how seemingly unrelated individuals in the market are connected – both to your targets and to your coverage executives. With this unique knowledge, you can use your total relationship capital to impact business initiatives and build long term relationship franchise value.

The total relationship capital of an organization is fluid and subject to unpredictable changes. Internal professionals come and go, key external contacts change roles, and new relationships among external contacts change every hour of every day.  With each change, an organization’s relationship capital and its ability to execute is either enhanced or diminished. Keeping track of relationship capital along with managing specific relationship goals is critical to long term franchise development. Together with other strategic and tactical advantages you can make far more effective use of your relationship capital by pursuing an active RCM strategy with the support of BoardEx data and analysis; ensuring a higher winning percentage in the future.