BoardEx Developer API

Increase productivity, enhance decision-making and improve internal workflows with actionable data on people and relationships
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Explore the enhanced power of the BoardEx Developer API which complements the BoardEx web platform to bring advanced features and functionality

Consume and integrate BoardEx people and organization data with third-party data and internal intelligence on your contacts in business applications with the BoardEx Developer API. Extend the experience from the BoardEx web platform to assist with tasks in the workflow with our API. Display BoardEx individual or people data within internal systems, custom applications, and workflows. Link results to map relationships to your network and the marketplace in the BoardEx web platform to spot opportunities for strengthening and developing relationships.

  • Adopt APIs as part of your digital strategy to increase connectivity between employees, teams and functions
  • Enhance your data strategy by integrating people and organization data into your business applications to help employees work smarter and faster
  • Bring BoardEx data closer to employees, teams and functions to support reporting and inform decision-making
  • Streamline workflows by automating processes using accurate and relevant data

Search and access information in real-time from our expanding and accurate dataset on executives, board and non-board members, leaders, influencers and organizations.

Use the API in relationship management systems e.g. CRM, talent management systems, alumni portals or custom desktop and applications for comprehensive and accurate profiles of contacts or talent.

View the data on-demand for rapid decision-making on corporate governance, to manage risk and identify conflicts and individuals of interest for action.

The BoardEx Developer API contains a suite of APIs including Biography API and Search API with endpoints to pull an individual or organization profile or one or few data points within the profiles.

  • Data Quality: Rely on data from publicly available sources as disclosed by organizations. A team of 350+ Analysts verifies and checks the quality of the data. They research, maintain, and validate organization and people profiles daily
  • Data Security: Secure connections using HTTPS, data encryption, identity access and management using OAuth and SAML for compliance with information security, data and business requirements
  • Tailored Data: Personalized to how your organization needs to use the data. Choose from receiving all data points or one or several based on business needs
  • Comprehensive and Extensive: Access to data and information on 1.4M individuals and 1.9M organizations

The BoardEx Developer API is a suite of RESTful APIs and endpoints designed to deliver BoardEx data and functionality over HTTPS. We work with developers to help them integrate data on people and organizations into any internal business application, system, or workflow. The format and structure of the data is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). For sample data and documentation, learn more.

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