Executive Data

More than 3 million individual and company profiles create the building blocks for a powerful relationship mapping solution.
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Discover how BoardEx can benefit your organization, amplify your network, and speed up business development.

The difference is in our data

All BoardEx data is collected from credible, published sources and cannot be edited by users. Our team of 300+ skilled analysts research, verify and maintain millions of profiles. If it is in the news today, it will be in BoardEx tomorrow.

Individual Profiles

Profile pages detail current and historic professional experience, upcoming moves, outside corporate affiliations, and achievements. These profiles also include the top ways you are able to connect with the individuals to help advance business development.

Organization Profile

These profiles include high-level details about the company, board structure along with current, upcoming and historic executives. Other details include important adviser information and list other key senior management. To help fuel business development strong, actionable connections to you and your company are revealed within profile pages.

Relationship Mapping

BoardEx uncovers connections between you and the individuals or organizations you need to reach to help you leverage your known and unknown connections more effectively.

There are more than 10 billion individual connections in BoardEx to explore. An advanced algorithm maps your connections to more than 1.3 million board of directors, C-suite executives, and other influential global business leaders of more than 1.8 million public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

Advanced Searching Capabilities

Users have access to an in-depth search function within the database that allows for the creation of custom queries and alerts. Build lists of individuals or organizations you are trying to reach based on sector and geographic experience.

Use Advanced Search to identify targets or executive candidates with specific criteria. Search by  role type, professional and leadership experience using hundreds of variables and keywords. Export results and uncover connections to easily save or share.