Executive Tracking

How do you monitor and maintain your most important connections? Boardex integrates into your everyday workflow, tracking your most important contacts.
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With more than 27,000 executive moves captured within the BoardEx network each week, you can’t afford not to know what your most important contacts are up to.

Customize Your Solution

BoardEx offers different integration options to complement the way you work. Customize your client, prospect, alumni, and competitor network alerts for weekly or daily updates.

Track Important Contacts

Use advanced search capabilities in BoardEx to create custom lists, and alerts, to monitor their most important connections. Alerts set up for one or multiple companies or individuals will send notifications whenever there is a change in employment. Alerts are triggered when an executive joins or leaves a company, or changes roles within the same organization.

BoardEx Mobile App

Amplify your professional network from the office or on the go. The BoardEx mobile app allows you to easily import and track your executive contacts right from your phone. Access the more than 10 billion connections to find new ways to connect to the people, and companies, you want to reach.

Integrations Options

Enhance your firm’s CRM systems with advanced data cleaning and matching solutions. The data feed can deliver the BoardEx leadership network, and their connections, directly into a CRM to enhance executive data and business development efforts.