M&A Transaction Network

BoardEx data includes the corporate transaction details of 85,000+ deals to fuel business development.
See How You Connect
How do you connect with the global dealmakers?

M&A Insight

BoardEx includes the specific professional details of the corporate deal makers and their advisers of more than 85,000 M&A transactions dating back more than 20 years. Through an integration with The Deal, these details provide additional layers of connectivity between you and the people you want to reach.

Actionable Connections Revealed

BoardEx highlights some of the strongest connections in the network, see how corporate dealmakers and their advisers are linked.

Adviser to Adviser Connections

Connections are also revealed between the different advisers working on the same side of a transaction. These relationships inform the strength ranking algorithm, and change the way you can connect to the people and companies you want to reach.

Transaction Analysis

Through a partnership with The Deal, a leader in M&A news and analysis, transaction details are revealed at the individual and company level. Each transaction will reveal the buyer, seller, and individual advisers that worked on the deal.

BoardEx In The News

A BoardEx Look at FAANG Alums

We've all heard of FAANG, the group of tech giants that shape our world. However, BoardEx took a look at where FAANG employees go when they leave.

The Boards of PE Portfolio Companies

Recently, BoardEx surveyed the portfolio companies in its system, about 15,000 in total, finding that the PE representatives on boards tend to be younger and are more likely to be male. In the surveyed universe, 10.4% of all board members are women, while only 5.4% of non-executive directors representing PE firms on the boards are women.