Private Equity Network

Access the executive level connections from some of the top global PE firms, and the leadership teams of their portfolio companies.
Custom Integration Options
How can connectivity into the private equity sector strengthen your connections to the people and companies you want to reach?

Leadership Insight

Dig deep into the board and senior management of portfolio companies and their connections. Are you looking to place executive talent with experience leading in the PE sector? BoardEx allows users to quickly identify individuals with the right background and experience.

Uncovering Connections

Reveal key, actionable connections between PE firms and their portfolio companies, including the current employee networks and alumni connections.

Investment Portfolio Analysis

Review the investment portfolios of thousands of the top PE Firms from around the world, along with a detailed look at the executive team and the board of their portfolio companies.

Portfolio Leadership Teams

Review the board of directors and extended executive teams of portfolio companies.  Executives appointed by the fund will include a special indicator flag.